SML Custom Home Design, LLC


SML Custom Home Design, LLC, specializes in custom and pre-designed home plans. We have over 20 years of residential design experience. Even though we are based in the DFW Metroplex area and most of our homes are built here in Texas, our plans can be built in just about every state throughout the United States. We strive to design custom and pre-designed home plans to suite a myriad of clientele. Whether you're seeking a cozy Ranch Style home, a spacious Mediterranean Estate, or a Modern Style mansion, we can design just about anything you can think of. Each plan receives a great deal of attention to ensure that the home functions and flows efficiently while boasting an aesthetically pleasing interior and exterior. We are constantly adding new plans to our website so you can choose the home of your dreams. Every home plan you see is FULLY customizable. We can add or delete rooms, change the exterior style, reverse the entire plan or make any changes you desire to have. Our mission is to not "sell you a product", but to be the first step in "investing in your dream home." If you have an idea for a plan, maybe from a pencil sketch, we can create a custom set of plans for you.


All of the plans designed by SML Custom Home Design, LLC are designed to meet IRC as well as state and local codes in the state of Texas. Depending on where you live, we may have to make design modifications to meet the state and local codes for your state. Sometimes you may need to have a set of plans engineered. For this, we offer CAD files which you can simply email to the engineer. Our standard method of delivery for plans is through PDF. This allow you to send copies to your prospective builders, banks etc without having to pay for each set you send. The builder can then forward the PDF to his subcontractors, and this saves a lot of time and money over trying to print large sheets of paper and mail them to several different parties. If you need hard copies, we can have those printed and mailed to you as well.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.