What is included in a set of plans?

- Single set PDF plans can be purchased which include floor plan(s) and elevations ONLY. These are NOT for construction and are intended for your builder to help you get an idea of the cost of your home.

- Construction sets come in PDF, CAD and Hard Copy format. Each set contains Foundation Plans, Floor Plans, Roof Plans, Exterior Elevations, Interior Elevations, Electrical Layout and Typical Wall Sections. Cross Section plans are included with home plans that have varying ceiling heights or changes in floor elevation.

Can your plans be modified?

- Every plan at SML Custom Home Design, LLC can be modified to suite your needs. If you need to have a plan modified, feel free to give us a call. Since the plans are priced based on their current design, modification are an additional charge. Give us a call for a free quote.

Can I build a home with just a floor plan?

- While it is possible, it is not recommended! Not only will this drastically slow down your building process, but critical information will not be available for your builder such as elevations, foundation details, etc. Not only that, but it will be impossible to get financing for your home with only a floor plan. Your city's building department also will not issue you a permit with so little information.

How many sets of plans do I need?

The simplest answer is 5 to 8 sets, however, with the PDF set, you can print as many as you need. Please be aware that blueprints and architectural works are copyrighted and CAN NOT be copied. A set of plans is essentially a "license" to build that particular home ONE TIME. If you want to build the same home multiple times, your plans will need to have a "multi-use" endorsement on them. Give us a call for a quote on a multi-use license.

Can the exterior of the home be modified?

- Yes! We can make the exterior of your home fit a multitude of styles without changing the floor plan. Give us a call for a quote.

How are your plans priced?

- Our plans are priced based on heated square footage. Garage and porches are generally not included UNLESS they are finished spaces meant to be used as living quarters.

Can I return a plan after I've purchased if?

Unfortunately, no. Because home plans can be easily ILLEGALLY copies, returns are not accepted. Please make sure before purchasing your plans that the plan meets your needs.

Are your home plans code compliant?

-Our home plans are designed to meet or exceed IRC code requirements. Due to the vast differences in state and local codes, as well as the differences in geographic area, climate, etc. your plans may need to be modified to comply with these codes. Check with your local building department prior to construction. If plans need to be modified for compliance, we recommend consulting with a local architect or designer familiar with the state and local codes in your area.

How much will it cost to build my home?

- This is a loaded question that is not easily answered and should never be assumed. Due to changes in material costs, labor availability, builder rates etc, this is a question that should be answered by your builder. Once you've purchased a set of plans, your builder can get you a cost estimate.

Do you offer material lists or specify materials on your plans.

- No we do not. Materials specified on plans may not be available at the time of construction or may be out of budget. For this reason, materials and finishes should be selected by your builder to ensure you stay within your budget and to ensure product availability.

How long will it take to receive my home plans after I order them?

- Depending on what license you purchase, the time could vary. PDF sets and CAD files are sent the same day or the next day depending on when the order was placed. Hard copies are usually sent the next business day with an average time of transit being between 3 to 5 days.